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Our Workshops

Regardless of the workshop; employees will get outside of  the “strictly work” mindset, strengthen teams, build trust, and have fun with words!



Culture Crossroads

Life is a kitchen of words. Show the world how the savory smell of each ingredient energizes you in a poetic ode to what fulfills you each day. Discover how your whole self is connected within circles of identity intersecting throughout your life. Build restorative wellbeing in relationships grounded by passion, commitment and mutual understanding. Ode and identity poems go to the core of what drives us to be who we are.

culture crossroads


Metaphor Mapping

Fingertips are microphones creating meaning in each keystroke, puzzling our way through obstacle courses riddled with challenges that we were born to overcome. Our perspectives stretch in collaboration with a chorus of colleagues. Each voice has a unique pitch in the melody formed every time we align our purpose. Metaphor poems flex creative muscles where we consider what could be possible and expand our thinking beyond the horizon.

Metaphor Mapping


Leading With Purpose

Speak to the rhythm of inspiration, where each word has its own life. The essence of dynamic communication is learning to become the message. Craft visions for the future of teams in collective brainstorms with other leaders at your company. Help your team members see how their story is part of the company story and build continuity through projects. Leadership training combines visioning brainstorms with direct compelling communication. 

Leading With Purpose
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